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How to Identify Your Child

Every child is unique and they have their own weaknesses and strengths. Their development advances as indicated by specific sequences, yet the speed may differ. It is obvious that even though some children have deficiencies in some areas but excel in other areas. However, if children display difficulties or problems in one (or more) developmental area(s), and their behavior and performance show significant discrepancies compared with other children of the same age, it is advisable to refer the children for professional assessment. Rapid progress of the children in their early years and lots of changes are expected in a year or even a month’s time. Because of this, even experts may find it difficult to make a firm diagnosis based on a young child’s conditions. Then again, it is exactly the flexibility of children’s improvement that makes early identification and mediation significant. With early recognition of children’s learning and development issues and brief reference for evaluation, it assists us with comprehension and backing children’s needs and condition s in learning and development.

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