Richard Foundation – Srilanka

Chairperson's Message

We live in a society where parents take utmost care of their children. To motivate their children and help them work towards success and prosperity, they strive to provide them with the best living condition, best foundation, best learning outcome, communication skills, effective preparation for competitive future, most advance gadgets and so on.

Richard Foundation was established to take care of children with special needs where educational and living requirements of children with any of a wide range of physical disabilities, medical conditions, intellectual difficulties, or emotional or behavioural problems. This extend to how do we prepare children for life itself? How should they address conflict, disappointments and misfortune? How will they overcome a setback?

The purpose of the foundation is to develop the skills, intelligence and quality of life of its children. At the same time the foundation should also prepare them for life by developing their emotional intelligence and making them resilient, caring, adaptive, reflective and open-minded to adjust to new situations. This develops confidence to take risks, be innovative and enterprising. We should strive to prepare our children not merely for economic independence and prosperity but also to face life’s challenges with confidence and happiness.

 Richard Foundation will provide our children the right tools that best develop the adults of tomorrow. The foundation is working to produce physically, mentally and socially vibrant citizens who are committed to the development of a strong nation. Children are our greatest asset and we should strive to provide them the very best guidance and education to enable them to become confident, independent and progressive world citizens.

The physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and psychological formation received in one’s life speaks volumes about the individual and the foundation. At Richard Foundation, we provide all our children with a safe learning environment and the opportunity to develop into well- rounded responsible citizens.

I am confident that the days spent in Richard Foundation will help all our children to achieve real success in life.