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It is very important for a married couple who are expecting a child to always have a good preparation for having a healthy baby. From the time of conception, pregnant mothers are referred for various tests to help them conceive. Especially if we are counseling pregnant mothers to identify children with special needs, it is helpful to decide whether or not to give birth to that child in the womb at an early stage, or to welcome that child with love, to help prepare and strengthen the congregation. Also, with the joining of a child with special needs into the family, the issues of employment, social and  family life arise. This awareness will make the families with proper medical treatments to be followed and will enable them to easily manage many difficulties. Also, with the reunion of children with special needs, there are issues at work, social issues and problems in family life, and we provide counseling at the outset to build a pre-prepared environment for those families to properly manage and nurture them. It also provides an opportunity for families with special needs to manage difficult backgrounds as they are made aware of the proper medical treatments to be followed from the day they join the family.


Special education will be required to enhance the developmental abilities of children with special needs. There is room for mainstream government schools in the country for children with special needs, but there is no systematic implementation of appropriate educational programs and activities for those children. They will develop their ability to build independently in a changed education system that suits them. We implement special educational programs for children with special needs to create a brighter future for them. Our aim is to bring a better tomorrow for these children by implementing unique educational programs with the contribution of local and foreign instructors.


Understanding each other’s developmental needs of children with special needs and preparing them for schooling by engaging them in pre-school education and pre-school activities will help them to have in their minds a child who is as talented and unique as the average child. We pay special attention to the development of that through psychological activities.


We make every effort to give them the physical and mental strength they need to stand on their own feet to build and sustain their lives. The institute is well organized and follows an internationally recognized training program with the open participation of local and foreign consultants and professionals.


Children with special needs all over the world, as well as in our country, there are thousands of hopefuls. It is unfortunate that children with special needs, especially those with special needs, are adversely affected by the child’s development due to the ignorance of the parents, especially superstitious beliefs that adversely affect the child’s development. Children with special needs and their families are constantly challenged. It is very important for us to have a good, strong and happy mental level to face these challenges successfully and we will provide specialized counseling for these children so that they will have the opportunity to overcome the challenges that have been successfully built for those families to build a better future in their lives.


There is nothing special than we can do to help them direct their support for the betterment of their own lives as they pay special attention to themselves and their talents and abilities to help them to embark on a very prosperous future.

Communication and language skills with speech therapy special programs Sponsorship Program

The uniqueness of language handling will be better for them as it expands the boundaries of expression for them. These facilities are provided to children by our institution’s    specially trained Doctors and Consultants.

Skill Training

It is very important to treat children with special needs as members of the society. It is very important to provide vocational training to be independent to live. At our center, we provide vocational training to children with special needs in various fields and we have all the facilities to offer specialized courses for children with special needs in accordance with international curriculum guidelines, all of which are subject to qualified counselors and trainers. It will give the families of their children the mental freedom to be able to live with confidence in this world.


A family with children with special needs is constantly faced with economic problems and difficulties. In such cases, our institution directly intervenes to assist those families at all times with the aim of not allowing them to be adversely affected by their economic problems. This will be a valuable support service for parents who cannot afford the various treatments for children with special needs.

Interaction and participation with other centers and in public events

We are committed to working with recognized institutions and organizations that work for the benefits of children with special needs in our country as well as internationally, and we extend our full support to the activities that are carried out on their behalf and secure all the economic rights of children with special needs in our country.