Richard Foundation – Srilanka


Why we need your help?

The organization seeks to support Special Children to overcome physical and learning challenges. We target assisting these children with acquiring the confidence and skills thereby become effective in their lives, school, community, and to encourage social skills. Our programs are carefully designed and to meet special children’s needs as early as possible. RFCSN recognizes and appreciates the unique requirements of each special child by delivering tailor made support to both the child and parents too. In addition, we support organizing children’s parents with the goal that they know they are not isolated and alone in this challenging journey of making the children to achieve their maximum potential. We strongly believe that every child has unique strengths and with proper interventions, these children will become independent and accomplish their full potential.

We Want to Help to
as Many as We Can

Special children care in Sri Lanka lacks equitable distribution of financial and material resources, special-care facilities and services, enough special support personnel to correctly evaluate and plan for interventions for the needs of each child. Shortage of learning materials and therapy for these children has left many unable to realize their full potential. If essential supportive systems are not set up in the early childhood development, these children will encounter more adverse difficulties in future hampering their improvement for education, independent living, life skills, employment, and integration in to the community.

Your Support Will
Bring More Energy

Your generous support will help the Foundation to achieve:

  • a)

    Providing developmental and educational interventions to special children to promote the development of their communication, social, academic, spiritual, self-help and occupational skills.
  • b)

    Supporting special children and their families with a wide range of health and psycho-social needs.
  • c)

    Establishing linkages with other services for children and people with disabilities to facilitate referrals and promote the development of life skills training opportunities

We Always Believe
in Team

Alone we can do close to nothing; together we can accomplish such a great deal.