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The Richard Foundation provides hope, help, and answers to children who are disabled or have special needs. Join us in having a rewarding impact. Whether it’s performing office work, working at an event or camp, or helping in some way, donate your time and talents. We would love for you to participate. Join us in raising awareness and expanding opportunities for people living with disabilities and their families.

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer at the Richard Foundation. Get involved in our mission. Our volunteers are truly at the heart of our organization, and the Foundation is always open to anyone who is willing to donate their time in helping our mission to enhance the lives of children with a disability.

Get in touch with us today if you’re looking to become a part of our enthusiastic, inclusive environment.

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The Richard Foundation attempts to overcome any issues between families with kids with extraordinary necessities and local area by cooperating with organizations and associations to give uncommon improvement occasions and freedoms to assist all youngsters with unique requirements. The Richard Foundation plans to consolidate the benefits of building better wellbeing, safe living and flourishing by assisting families with extraordinary necessities for youngsters in Sri Lanka.

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We conduct programs island-wide to raise awareness for children with special needs and their families to cope up with daily lives and education. When a child is born in a family with differently able condition, those families will need a guidance to take away the shock and burden mentally, physically and socially. It will be how to cope up daily routine, how to raise, how to develop and educate these children. We undertake mental and physical counselling programmes, medical health development support such as therapeutic programs. For example, walking therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, water therapy and psychological support to regain confidence.


These include: