Richard Foundation – Srilanka

Introduction to Richard Foundation

RFCSN-Sri Lanka

In the year 2020, according to a concept of Ms. Swarna Nayomi Welagedara Rajamathri, under her leadership, Richard Foundation Sri Lanka was established to support children with special needs and their families throughout Sri Lanka. Primary objective is to improve wellness of children with special needs. We conduct programs island-wide to raise awareness for children with special needs and their families to cope up with daily lives and education.

When a child is born in a family with differently able condition, those families will need a guidance to take away the shock and burden mentally, physically and socially. It will be how to cope up daily routine, how to raise, how to develop and educate these children. We undertake mental and physical counselling programmes, medical health development support such as therapeutic programmes. For example walking therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, water therapy and psychological support to regain confidence.

We undertake to obtain government support to build a direct dialogue on the overall rights of children with special needs on medical, insurance, obtaining a differently able pass and priority in the society to welcome them as a normal citizen. We launch these programmes and awareness through mass media and social media to implement special programs to acknowledge the society on how to respect, affection, love and compassion of children with differently able, as well as to formulate and implement national policies for those children’s rights.

Richard Foundation – Sri Lanka is an international standard educational institution committed, devoted and specialize in special care for children with special needs and to add a special touch to change their lives. We focus on identifying unique skills, abilities and talents of these children from pre-school onwards and help them to become successful citizens.

The institute offers programmes such as skills development, vocational training, health and social care and sports at national and international level in para Olympic and special Olympic. We believe, these children should have all the rights similar to the other children such as social interaction, respect, dignity and welcome them as fruitful citizens. Currently in Sri Lanka there are no sustainable programs at the national level to support these individuals. Our institution is working together with all stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive study of the plight of children with special needs in Sri Lanka. Our staff consists of local and foreign experts who are constantly dedicated to help these children to be independent for better tomorrow.


“Building a secure and prosperous future for children with special needs in our country.”


” To take action to protect the rights of children with special needs and to enable them to stand on their own feet in the formulation and implementation of National Educational Policies for the formal education and vocational training of children.”